Non-Profit Fundraising Certificate Program
“Funding Your Passion” – Three Day Intensive Seminar

Eleven (11) participants included future grantwriting consultants and representatives from:

  • Bread of Life Church
  • Focus on the Masters
  • Junior League of Long Beach
  • Maidu Native American Summit Consortium
  • Levante Foundation
  • The Industry Opera Company


No Response Poor Fair Good Excellent
How would you rate your instructor’s knowledge of grantwriting? 100%
How would you rate your instructor’s presentation? 100%
How would you rate the instructor’s attention to your specific needs? 100%
How would you rate the overall seminar experience? 100%
How would you rate the seminar manual? 100%
How would you rate theA to Z Grantwriting Website? 7 100%

Participants Evaluated Their Grantwriting Knowledge of the Grantwriting Experience Before AND After the Seminar (1 lowest, 10 highest)

How would you rate your knowledge of grantwriting prior to the seminar ? 128% 218% 39% 418% 5 69% 79% 89% 9 10
How would you rate your knowledge of grantwriting after completing the seminar? 1 2 3 4 5 6 79% 845% 918% 1028%

What Our Students Said About This Seminar!

  • “Linda made the whole process seem simple if you are willing to put your time and research into what you are looking for. She definitely opened my eyes to what our objectives really are.”
  • “I was almost entirely new to the grantwriting process when I signed up for Linda’s seminar. Her presentation, instruction, and manual were so clear and meticulously detailed that I am blown away with how manageable she has made this unfamiliar process for me. It was a pleasure to be a member of her seminar. I leave it feeling more informed and ready to face the grantwriting process. Thanks Linda!”
  • “A to Z Grantwriting is well-organized presentation with very helpful written materials. I leave feeling optimistic about my future with grantwriting.”
  • “Linda has a very clear way of communicating. I enjoyed the involvement of the students in the learning process. My lack of a perfect 10 on the evaluation would be due to the fact that I would never assume that I know it until I have put my knowledge into action.”
  • “I felt the seminar was very well presented. The environment created in the classroom was comfortable which allowed for a stronger learning platform.”
  • “Before I attend this seminar I felt frustrated and fearful of the grantwriting process. Given I am the signer on all grant proposal for our organization I wanted to have a better understanding of the process so I can prepare our organization for success. I feel like I have the tools to do that now. I am excited to write my first one!”
  • “The seminar is very thorough. After completing the seminar I was able to connect the dots feeling informed and able to apply. I came with no knowledge of grantwriting, however now I fully comprehend the how, what and why. Linda is an excellent teacher because she knows what she is doing and is very generous with information. I will have no reservation to recommend the seminar to anybody. It is well worth the money I personally paid to attend. Thank you Linda!!!”
  • “Linda Make grantwriting a painless experience by providing clear examples and explanation about the whole process. I would highly recommend her seminar to anyone considering entering the grantwriting field.”
  • “It was very pleased with the full seminar experience. After taking a previous 1-Day Workshop from Linda I wasn’t sure if the 3-Day Course would be too repetitive. But I felt the 3-Day Seminar was incredibly valuable and I am glad that I made the decision to complete the full program.”
  • “Linda simplified the process so that anyone attending would understand how to apply for grants. This seminar is a must for anyone who would like to fundraise through grantwriting, no matter how much or now little their experience.”