A to Z Grantwriting Online Course


Linda Vallejo has taught the A to Z Grantwriting Online Course since 1995.

The A to Z Grantwriting Online Course:

  • is a six week, twelve lesson, in-depth course that provides a discussion area for students to post questions, needs and assignments
  • is offered each month in over 2,500 colleges and universities nationwide, Canada, Australia, and England
  • is consistently ranked in the top ten in national online courses based on student enrollment


The A to Z Grantwriting Course presents a proven and simple system to implement a successful grantwriting campaign submitting ongoing proposals to government, foundation, and corporate funders.

Students are taken through a step-by step overview of the entire grantwriting process and provided with the skills and tools needed to implement a successful grantwriting campaign.

The course, quizzes, and final exam are not graded, although students must complete the final exam with a score of 65+ to receive a certificate of completion.

Students are not required to complete quizzes or post assignments.  Although, students are welcome to post your assignments, questions, and needs in the Discussion Area for feedback

The course has been developed to assist education, arts, health, environmental, health social service, and religious non-profit organizations, higher education institutions, government agencies, and individuals wishing to become grantwriting professionals.

The seminar experience is an excellent opportunity for the novice as well as for the intermediate and advanced grantwriting professional in focusing and honing their skills.




Students learn how to:

  • Implement a grantwriting campaign to submit up to a proposal each week

Learn an easy and proven system that will prepare you for all funding opportunities and eliminate the stress and chaos of submitting proposals at the last minute

  • Diversify your funding base to include support from government, foundation, corporate, business and individual donors

Read, study, and understand a variety of application guidelines

Develop positive communications and relationships with funding sources using roll-playing exercises

Read and understand sample requests and proposed program budgets

  • Organize a grantwriting team and grantwriting office for greater results

Establish a grantwriting team where each individual’s talents and interests are utilized and appreciated for maximum success

Utilize interns, support staff and volunteers to expand grantwriting efforts

Learn from sample Grantwriting Plan and Report to share progress with staff, leadership and Board of Directors

  • Establish successful collaborating partnerships with like-minded organizations and agencies

Develop a “win-win” relationship with collaborative partners

Use in-kind donations of products and services, and volunteers for greater fundraising success

  • Consolidate a major grant proposal package including budgets, need statement, measurable objectives, and evaluation plans

Consolidate and write targeted mission and goals

Write compelling need statements with appropriate data and statistics

Write complete proposed program descriptions with well thought out measurable objectives and evaluation plans

Learn from sample organization income and expense budget and proposed program budget