3-Hour Workshop for for thirty-two Bachelor of Fine Art and Master of Fine Art students

hosted by Professor Fran Siegel


No Response Poor Fair Good Excellent
How would you rate your instructor’s knowledge of grantwriting? 1 3% 97%
How would you rate your instructor’s presentation? 1
How would you rate the instructor’s attention to your specific needs? 1 6% 94%
How would you rate the overall seminar experience? 1 3% 97%
How would you rate the seminar manual? 1 100%

Participants Evaluated Their Grantwriting Knowledge Before AND After the Workshop (1 lowest, 10 highest)

How would you rate your knowledge of grantwriting prior to the workshop? 116% 223% 331% 49% 59% 66%. 73% 83% 9 10
How would you rate your knowledge of grantwriting after completing the workshop ? 1 2 3 4 5 66% 716% 837% 916% 1025%

What Our Students Said About This Workshop!

    • “Linda was very inspiring and got me thinking more seriously about my future as an artist. This workshop was a great way to open up the conversation about – as a young and aspiring artist – how I’m going to move forward and what my next step is. I’ve done a lot of networking things you’ve talked about with my music career but haven’t through about how to do it for my visual arts career.”
    • “Thank you Linda for your clear and easy to follow presentation on grantwriting. I have complete confidence that I can now wok through a grant application process.”
    • “Thank you for being very informative while maintaining a great sense of humor.”
    • “Linda was an excellent presenter, she’s funny and knowledgeable. Thanks for sharing your experiences and tips with us.”
    • “Linda spoke passionately about the important of how to survive as an artist.”
    • “I learned how there is money for advances in art and that someone out there believes in art is amazing. It gives me an outlook and opportunities to keep painting and dreaming big.”
    • “Fantastic and funny, but dead serious. I found the workshop very useful.”
    • “It was very helpful and entertaining. I was especially interested in Linda’s art work. I will love to see her exhibitions. She is very articulate, funny and realistic. Now I feel more confident to apply to all the grants that are out there for artists.”
    • “I truly enjoyed learning how to read, dissect, and apply for grants. I know I will hold on to the packet for the rest of my artistic career. The business aspect of being an artist is just as important and I found this workshop a great cornerstone towards a life-long dream.”
    • “Linda is engaging, funny, and extremely informative. She covered the materials very well and listed valuable information for emerging, middle, and professional artists alike. As a senior BFA student, I have gained some insights and ideas to take with me towards becoming a successful artist.”
    • “First off, I really appreciate Linda’s passion, care, and knowledge on the subject. It is very simple but so very important to be a good match for the funder and follow requirements for the application. I liked that Linda emphasized the artist statement. It was so helpful.”
    • “Linda was very helpful and enlightening. The art world is a scary place, but I receive very eye-opening and tangible information.”
    • “The workshop provided good and knowledgeable amounts of listings. We went through examples which were very helpful. Linda encouraged us to be serious about our work and hit the pavement running after grad school.”
    • “I really appreciated the humor that Linda brought to the talk. It kept me engaged in the learning process. I feel confident in researching grants and fellowship now, and knowing what the language on the grant applications really means.”
    • “The overview made grantwriting seem much more approachable. The sample application was a great way to understand and dissed what this process entails and what are required. I also liked all the profession antidotes that gave a more thorough and real world impression of the world of funding and the art work in general. Plus Linda was hilarious! Thanks!”
    • “The workshop made getting a grant for my artistic needs seem much more attainable that I have previously imagined.”
    • “Linda gave a very enthusiastic and informative presentation that really put things into perspective. I am now more aware of how grantwriting works. Also I am more knowledgeable about how to organize myself as an artist and as a business.”
    • “The grantwriting workshop was definitely not boring. Linda Vallejo made the lecture interesting with specific examples and fund with her personal stories.”
    • “The workshop was very motivating but I need to have the experience and trial and error to fully understand this process. Thank you!”
    • “This workshop was very insightful. The instructor had a lot of personal and community-based wisdom that was very beneficial to the artists’ individual growth. Very practical and very insightful.”
    • “I am a kinesthetic learning. How will Linda drill these concepts to a learner similar to me? Visual aids may contribute to future presentations. I do respect your realistic discourse.”
    • “Linda was funny and well versed in the information. I didn’t think I would find this interesting, but it was.”
    • “Thank you so much for teaching a lot of practicing artist how to be a professional artist! Every serious artist should know how to apply for grants and fellowships. I am really thankful that I know how to start thinking about my career goals. This writing workshop should be included in very art- related program!”
    • “Linda presented a great delivery for an unappealing topic for most artists.”
    • “The workshop has been filled with excellent information. Linda is talented at presenting this wealth of knowledge. Thank you for coming to CSULB. I am interested in seeing your work at George Lawson Gallery.”
    • “The workshop got me to stop and think about some very real issues and short team goals that I haven’t thought about yet. In school and in gallery people talk about becoming a successful artist, but rarely does anyone address some practical obstacles of like that we experience after you graduate before you are ‘successful.’ Things like Tier I goals are so easily overlooked. Stopping to think about these short term goals helps me to build the road to more long term goals. The workshop made me feel like it’s a real valid career that I can do if I get my butt in gear and get to it!”
    • “This presentation objectively increased my level of knowledge about the grantwriting process.”
    • “The A to Z Grantwriting Manual of resources in invaluable. Thanks you.”