6-Hour Workshop for eleven non-profit professionals and educators representing:

  • City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs / Watts Towers Arts Center and Campus
  • Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, CA
  • University of Delaware Community Music School, Newark, DE
  • Community Music Center of Boston, Boston, MA
  • Mono Council for the Arts, Mono, CA
  • Afro American Music Institute, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Cumberland Valley School of Music, Chambersburg, PA
  • The Cleveland Music School Settlement, Cleveland, Ohio
  • Music Conservatory of Westchester, White Plains, NY
  • Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL


No Response Poor Fair Good Excellent
How would you rate your instructor’s knowledge of grantwriting? 10% 90%
How would you rate your instructor’s presentation?
How would you rate the instructor’s attention to your specific needs? 27% 73%
How would you rate the overall seminar experience? 18% 82%
How would you rate the seminar manual? 8 33% 67%

Participants Evaluated Their Grantwriting Knowledge Before AND After the Seminar (1 lowest, 10 highest)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
How would you rate your knowledge of grantwriting before the seminar? 28% 9% 9% 9% 9% 9% 9% 18%
How would you rate your knowledge of grantwriting after the seminar? 9% 9% 9% 9% 36% 28%

Students Advance Grantwriting Skills



What Our Students Said About This Workshop!

    • “As an experienced development officer, this workshop was a great refresher and provided some great new skills and best practices to enhance my new work.”
    • “Linda Vallejo is a phenomenal in teaching grantwriting. The workshop was practical, to the point, professional, personable, and humorous. Linda is resourceful and generous with her wisdom, insights and experience. This was the best grants workshop that I have ever attended. Thanks, Linda!”
    • “The A to Z Grantwriting Workshop provided a detailed road map for a one-shop development office. The examples provided concise descriptions which will aid in submission of grants to all constituent groups.”
    • “Linda is extremely knowledgeable and goes through the process in-depth, step-by-step. She takes the time to check in consistently with each individual and to answer everyone’s questions. This is an excellent workshop.”
    • “Prior to this workshop, grantwriting was extremely daunting. Now I feel confident that I can actually write a grant from start to finish. There are many materials to gather and research to be done but I am prepared! Thank you, Linda – you are such an engaging presenter!”
    • “Linda has so much knowledge and she is more than willing to share it!”
    • “This was a very enlightening experience. I feel more confident in approaching grantwriting. I don’t feel as unprepared as I did when we started. I am really inspired to go after more support for our campus. The workshop presented a lot of information to absorb.”
    • “I really appreciated the informed, energetic, presentation. I feel certain I will consult the workshop manual frequently as I implement my grantwriting campaign. “